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How long will it take Classified Concepts to deliver my map?
It will be less than 3 hours from the time your address list is received before we return a ready-to-print file. In most cases we can reduce this turn-around time.

What file format will my completed map(s) be in?
We deliver a PDF file to you that can be taken directly to press. We use the PDF format for its versatility, wide availability and multi-platform compatibility.

In what way will my map file be delivered?
We will post it to our FTP site for download. If you have an FTP site you would prefer we post it to, we can do that as well.

How do I get my address info to Classified Concepts?
Email delivery is the fastest and most efficient.

My paper uses an ancient classified front-end system — how can I get my address information to you?
We are experienced at working with most classified front-end systems. Feel free to give us a call and we will discuss your specific needs. The data we need to take out of your system is basic and our experience in working with many different papers has allowed us to develop many different avenues of extraction.

What if we do not have available space in our classified section for a map?
An FSI (Free Standing/Fully Sponsored Insert) is an excellent space issue solution. Classified Concepts can help develop the layout for your FSI, help with sponsorship ideas and ensure that you create a piece that meets all of your readership and advertiser goals.

Can I have a Locator Map Program showing items other than Real Estate, Rentals, Garage Sales, or Autos?
Classified Concepts also offers Dining and Entertainment Guides, and we can create custom Locator Programs for any location that has an address — we can accommodate anything, and will work with you to make these programs revenue-generators for your paper.

Do you have a List of Client References?
Yes, we do. To receive a copy, please contact us at, or if you already know who your sales rep is, contact them directly.

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